Tragic Storm

Inky clouds veiled the night sky, filtering in

Rain pelting on my porcelain skin

Sounds of God’s bowling from up above

A beautiful ballad to be sung

Deafening roars tumbled around

Then silence ascended, hearing no sounds

Streaks of white flared the world alight

Crackling loud, a magical sight

Ceaseless drops chilled my bones

Restless thoughts invade of the unknown

Sorrow absorbing all the air

Loneliness? Despair? I almost can’t bare

Vortex of winds swirl about

Frightening visions unfold as I cry out

By: A.Stuebbe

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    I recently found this blog by Ali Marie. Extremely talented young woman! When I read this post, I couldn’t get over her writing style, so I just had to share it. This is an excellent post. She is new to the blogging world, so please feel free to like, follow, etc.. Trust me, it is worth it. I seriously hope to do some sort of collaboration with her in the future.

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