What do you want to change in your life?

What do you want to change in your life?

Seems like a straight forward question, right? Well, it is. 

The answers I have heard are similar from person to person. I WANT to change "this" or I WISH I could do "that". 

Okay... what I hear is that person wanting or wishing for things to change, but where is the WILL?

I WILL improve my mental health. 
I WILL  dedicate myself to getting more in shape. 
I WILL ______ (whatever you PLAN to change). 

I also find myself doing the same thing, but have been working on making myself aware. 

Put your goals into a plan and make it happen. A person cannot be motivated all the time, this is where dedication comes into play. You have to truly want to put forth the effort in order to will the change. There are many days that will be hard, but keep pushing through. 

Have faith in yourself and know that you are worth it. No matter what "change" may mean to you. 

- A. Stuebbe

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