Never Forget

While many have enjoyed a nice long weekend, remember WHY you can. The freedom we have is all because of those who sacrificed. Take time to give respect and honor those men and women. We should be honoring them everyday, because one day is not near enough. It will never be enough.

Forever grateful. Forever remembering. 

"If you don't love this country, at least honor and celebrate those who have fought and died for the very freedom you use to express your dislike for it!" - David Goggins

- A.Stuebbe


  1. Well said, Ali. I meant to comment on this post earlier. It is so true, people sometimes forget the reason for such a day. The phrase, “lest we forget” comes to mind, coined I believe during WWI for remembrance. I’ll be forever grateful for the sacrifices made by the selfless individuals fighting for our freedom. ❤

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    1. Ali Marie says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I have not had much time to come on here lately because well… life. lol. And yes, what you said is so true! I only wish I could have said thank you to them in person. At least their lives will never be forgotten and will always be honored 🇺🇸

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      1. Yes! Life! Life tends to keep us busy. Especially when the weather has been so nice as of late. Spending time outside has been so cathartic. I agree, same here. I’ve always said that the men and women who serve past or present are the closest things to real-life superheroes we’ll ever see.

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