A Poem, Together — Travis J. McRoy

This poem is originally written by Travis J. McRoy and it is one I resonated with. He has a knack for writing and making art with his words. Pure talent. I may be new in the blogging world, but he is definitely one you need to follow. His work deserves to be read by many.

This poem depicts the need of having someone to help fight your battles. Someone who can pick you up when you fall. It’s always good to have that type of support to lean on when faced with such tribulations. We all need that “rock” in our lives, so in short, this poem was written as […]

A Poem, Together — Travis J. McRoy

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  1. Oh, you are awesome! 😁🙌 I know this guy! I mean, I’ve heard of him I think. 🤔
    You are too kind with sharing this and the kind words to boot! “Making art with his words” –that is so good. Wow, thank you so much for this encouragement, Ali! You are something else as well! 😊

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