Final Catch

* Recently had to venture out and write a flash fiction piece in 250 words. Let me know what you think! As writers, our fingers itch to do just that write... so 250 words felt constricting. I was glad for the challenge though. *


Trying to suck in air as the humid Afghanistan heat is thick on our tongues. The background filled with hammering and blasts that reverberate from the attack. Just outside the city, we stay crouched on the edge of a dried up lake bed, waiting for the resupply helicopter. Eyes alert as we blend into the shadows of the night, with my buddies K9 in-between us.


Keeping my breathing steady and voice low, “The resupply should be here soon”.


I can see Sully nod out of my peripheral, his voice deep, but scratchy from lack of water. “We gotta make this quick. We need to get back in there.”


The hair on my neck stands to attention as chills run down my spine. Before I can voice my uneasiness, a shadow moves so quickly I almost missed it. Oh shit! A small, but violent object of a grenade comes into view. Adrenaline spikes through my system and I launch myself over Sully. I have to make sure he gets home to his wife and kids; the light is at the end of the tunnel for this mission. Covering every inch of him and forcing him into the sandy terrain, I brace for impact. I hear the bark of Sully’s dog and I glance over my shoulder, except he’s not there… Whipping my head up I see him racing towards the nuclear ball as he leaps into the air as if playing catch. Light flared and exploded, but no dog in sight.

- A.Stuebbe