Final Catch

* Recently had to venture out and write a flash fiction piece in 250 words. Let me know what you think! As writers, our fingers itch to do just that write... so 250 words felt constricting. I was glad for the challenge though. *


Trying to suck in air as the humid Afghanistan heat is thick on our tongues. The background filled with hammering and blasts that reverberate from the attack. Just outside the city, we stay crouched on the edge of a dried up lake bed, waiting for the resupply helicopter. Eyes alert as we blend into the shadows of the night, with my buddies K9 in-between us.


Keeping my breathing steady and voice low, “The resupply should be here soon”.


I can see Sully nod out of my peripheral, his voice deep, but scratchy from lack of water. “We gotta make this quick. We need to get back in there.”


The hair on my neck stands to attention as chills run down my spine. Before I can voice my uneasiness, a shadow moves so quickly I almost missed it. Oh shit! A small, but violent object of a grenade comes into view. Adrenaline spikes through my system and I launch myself over Sully. I have to make sure he gets home to his wife and kids; the light is at the end of the tunnel for this mission. Covering every inch of him and forcing him into the sandy terrain, I brace for impact. I hear the bark of Sully’s dog and I glance over my shoulder, except he’s not there… Whipping my head up I see him racing towards the nuclear ball as he leaps into the air as if playing catch. Light flared and exploded, but no dog in sight.

- A.Stuebbe

Broken Kingdom

Let them burn the ships,
Let them flank the sea.

Because the golden globe will sink down below, 
Emerging the vengeful shadows to welcome me.

When the raging black waves roar,
and the turbulent storms strike. 

My final warning will be heard, 
For I will break through the gates of the kingdom. 

Their sins will fall upon my sword,
Until I hear the very last beat of their internal drum. 
- A.Stuebbe

Twin Flame

My lost heart washed up on the deserted shore
You came along and picked it up off the floor

You became the broken rays of light
That fractured through the dead of night

Fighting through the crashing of the storm
Just to make your way to my shattered form

Our two souls collided in a desperate need to claim
Igniting the mirror of love from our beings, a twin flame

The city sleeps, passion forms a magnetic pull invading our space
Empty streets, the quiet night holds us in a deep embrace

The notes of your voice are music to my ears
The thrum of your heartbeat locks away my fears

You’re the divine star that guides me through the dark
A forever compass to lead me home on this journey I embark

Baby, home is not a house with a door to walk through
You see, home is you. Engraved in my heart like a tattoo.

- A.Stuebbe

My Shooting Star

Once again, I watch you walk out the door. Once again, your night has become my day.

When the sun hangs out overhead, the stars glisten your world instead.
But know they are the same distance in the sky to me as you. I see the same light and constellations that decorate life above. So even though the miles between us go on forever, I am able to close my eyes at night knowing I walk the same Earth as you do.

When you see a luminous orb gliding across the endless midnight sky, know I threw it for you to see with my wish clinging on ardently.

And I will be waiting for you…
I will be waiting for you to bring it back to me.

-A. Stuebbe

A Poem About Nothing

Sitting in my chair with silence all around
Pen in hand, wanting to write but can’t get it down

I try and try and try some more
Only to crumple another piece of paper and toss it on the floor

Us writers know this feeling all too well
Our mind shuts itself in a mute, dark cell

Pushing against the bars to try and break free
But our psyche has hidden the master key

This key that holds our ideas in every part of our being
Praying our imagination is at least in safe keeping

Today I might have to embrace the unwelcome quiet
Hoping tomorrow my visions will escape in a riot

- A. Stuebbe

Riding High

An addiction that can not be tamed
This high coursing through my veins is permanently ingrained. 

A rush that pushes me to the limits
And the ones who judge are seen as cynics. 

The control of my life is in my hands
A risk that not many truly understand.

Thrumming to life with the most seductive sound
Drowning out any noise in the background.

The throttle fits perfectly in my grip
Accelerating at high speeds down the strip.

Splitting through the wind like the red sea
Never looking back, I finally feel free. 

- A. Stuebbe

If Only I Could Have Seen

I could see the way he gazed at me. 
How those bright azure eyes could not quite hide his thoughts churning inside. Wanting me, though I could tell, he is shy.
One step at a time, we walked towards each other. Until our heart beats met, and our breathing began to flutter. 
Our love was high school innocence. I was a hopeless romantic, sucked into teenage bliss. New, young love with hearts in my eyes. Is that why I always cried?
I had never been in love before, I thought I had it… I thought wrong.
He was humorous, he was sweet, he was gentle…

Until the lights cut out, showing is true sinister self is not sentimental.  

I could see the way he gazed at me. 
The sapphire eyes I would get lost in, pierced through me with spiked ends. Assaulting my mind, dragging me under like quick sand. 
Hardening grips and guilt trips. Makeshift nooses wrapped around his neck, just to make me stay, feeling wrecked. 
The broken tears that fell upon my cheek, only made me feel weak. 

I could see the way he gazed at me. 
See the glee in the depths of his crystal eyes, filled with delight, relishing every piece of my soul he takes to terrorize. 
My juvenile heart shattered like a broken vase, crushed under his possessive gait.
His anger attached to a short tether, the rise in his voice would detonate with pleasure.
The mental whiplash is more than I can endure, seeing the red flags blaring in my face. His approach is targeted, the stench of stale booze invaded my space.

I could see the way he gazed at me. 
See the gleam in those cobalt eyes. Burning deep into my sixteen-year-old face, promising his demise. 
I felt the push and the free-falling dive. The gush of wind that swirled through my hair. The feelings coursed through me like a cosmic flare.
Regret? Shame? Am I to blame?
Anger seeps into my bones, turning my heart into impenetrable stone.
Daring a glance at the boy who once had my love, as sorrow seizes his eyes from up above.  

Was the forced smile on my face so easy to fool? No one noticed my pain, no one ever asked if I was okay… even though his deeds severed my veins. 

I wish I could have seen behind his mask. If only…

If only I could have seen beyond the way he gazed at me. 

-A. Stuebbe

*Find your voice*

Dark Star

Life is cast in light and shadows
Some days, the darkness devours me whole
Wraps around my mind, body and soul
Dragging me down to the unknown
Down, Down, Down…
A bottomless pit, an endless void
Smothering every sliver of light
Shadows dissipate until darkness is all that exists
My psyche clawing, demanding to find the lone ember
The ember of light in this vault of nothing
Kindling in the distance, embracing the faded flame
The burn of a torch spearing through my cold frame
A beacon, beckoning me
Igniting the entity that illuminates inside 
Tugging me back to the ether
An exhausting game of tug and war
A lonely battle for a dark star

- A. Stuebbe

For the taking

What is our purpose? Where do we go from here?

This life we live is ours to take

People tell us what we should do, how we should think…

What’s the point?

Their meddling and unsolicited advice makes me want to drink

Craving the path that has not been traveled

Let them judge. Let them spew their biased opinions

The headache attached to them is not worth the hassle

Let us not follow the crowd

But to choose our own destiny and be proud.

By: A.Stuebbe

Stuck Undertow

Surges of crystal waves roll upon the shore

A wondrous sight that cannot be ignored

Life up here is quaint and peaceful

But appearances can be deceitful

Reeling me in like a magic trick

Only to pull me under lightning quick

Anchors tugging me down below

Darkness engulfing me nice and slow

Trapped undersea silently drowning

No one would hear if I tried shouting

Pain ricocheted from loss? Grief?

The bond severed; my trust stolen like a thief

These rugged scars placed on my heart

Retaliated by slowly tearing me apart

Accepting the end of motherly love

Willing the cold depths to take me, praying to God above

– A.Stuebbe