Sitting here

The doubts fester and surface with fear

Fear she lost herself

Desires shoved up on a tattered shelf

Struggling, lost in the abyss

No one to save her, she’s been dismissed

The tears are casted aside, ignored

She fears no one truly cares anymore

How did she get here?

She’s lost and who she is just disappeared

The love for her has waned

His passion seems restrained

She wants to feel worth it

Her body to be worshipped

To show the desire

Rekindle the love that burned like fire

But there are parts of her he hates

The hurt sinks her heart with grievous weights

They’re change has caught up with reality

Praying to find herself and heat their love to a new degree

By: A.Stuebbe

Echo In The Woods

HEYY! Can you hear me? Is anyone there?

Everyday feels like an endless nightmare

Shadows cast around and leaves fall down

The breeze whirling them all around

Tall oak trees are scattered about

Resembling people all throughout

What’s the difference between the woods and the city?

Here in solitude, there are no eyes with pity

I shout and shout until my lungs strain for air

Hoping, wishing I might be heard somewhere

People ignore my desperate pleas

At least here in the woods, the echoes shout back at me

By: A.Stuebbe