Twin Flame

My lost heart washed up on the deserted shore
You came along and picked it up off the floor

You became the broken rays of light
That fractured through the dead of night

Fighting through the crashing of the storm
Just to make your way to my shattered form

Our two souls collided in a desperate need to claim
Igniting the mirror of love from our beings, a twin flame

The city sleeps, passion forms a magnetic pull invading our space
Empty streets, the quiet night holds us in a deep embrace

The notes of your voice are music to my ears
The thrum of your heartbeat locks away my fears

You’re the divine star that guides me through the dark
A forever compass to lead me home on this journey I embark

Baby, home is not a house with a door to walk through
You see, home is you. Engraved in my heart like a tattoo.

- A.Stuebbe