Blood of Betrayal

(Wrote a short story with a 10 page limit. After forming more ideas throughout writing this, I think I may expand this and make it… more.) *** Betrayal and death flash before my eyes. Images I wish to un-see, as I am forced to experience such a vivid nightmare. My father. A gun. Yelling andContinue reading “Blood of Betrayal”

Final Catch

* Recently had to venture out and write a flash fiction piece in 250 words. Let me know what you think! As writers, our fingers itch to do just that write… so 250 words felt constricting. I was glad for the challenge though. * *** Trying to suck in air as the humid Afghanistan heatContinue reading “Final Catch”

Broken Kingdom

Let them burn the ships, Let them flank the sea. Because the golden globe will sink down below, Emerging the vengeful shadows to welcome me. When the raging black waves roar, and the turbulent storms strike. My final warning will be heard, For I will break through the gates of the kingdom. Their sins willContinue reading “Broken Kingdom”